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Explore 10 gorgeous destinations during low-season

Why not travel on the low season? In this graph, I present once again popular destinations and when you at best can get there usually, namely at low season. This is exactly why I once listed here 10 travel destinations for you.

Why you should travel during the low season

When traveling to exotic countries in the off-season and during the rainy season, which does not need you walking around all day with an umbrella. Often the temperatures outside in this season are even more pleasant, especially if you are not a fan of very high heat. Warm weather is natural in countries like Thailand, Bali, Maldives and co. even in low season. The rain usually comes only briefly. But a short while later it brightens up normally again and you can enjoy the nice weather.

My personal experiences, travelling during the low season

I traveled to the Maldives, the Dominican Republic and also to Thailand at low season and rainy season and I must say it was the most beautiful weather. Personally, I like it even though sometimes it was cloudy and it was not very sunny throughout the day.

Further advantages on the low season

In addition to the low price, there are other advantages in low season to travel, so not only flights and hotel prices are cheaper, but also city guides, activities and excursions can be cheaper. Also, you can sometimes plan and book your journey on a short term, as the vacations in the low season are rarely fully booked. And that brings moreover another advantage, the hotels are not crowded!

This chart is from my german Blog. I will update the english chart as soon a i can...

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Explore 10 gorgeous destinations during low-season

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