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Cape Verde vacation: All information about the Sal Island

Sal Island is the perfect destination to relax at the beautiful sandy Beaches

Sal, my Cape Verde experience. For long the Cape Verde Islands were on my bucket list. Today I want to report here, why the Sal Island is not only suitable for surfing, but also perfect for swimming and relaxing.

Some tour operators have included the Cape Verde Islands in their program now, while the Cape Verde touristy remains relatively undiscovered.

Beaches and the sea on Sal

The beaches on Sal are really beautiful. My clear favorite was the beach in Santa Maria. With one of the finest sandy beaches I’ve ever seen and the turquoise sea that shelves gently. On the beach in Santa Maria chairs with umbrella are offered. These beach chairs (Blue) can be found on the right off the dock and cost 10 euros for 2 people. Otherwise, there are many hotel sections on this beach.

Beach in Santa Maria

Wind & Weather

Personally, I can as of now only report of December and January. I read beforehand that it sometimes “just a little,” it may just be cooler at this time, especially in the evenings. During the day, it was 25 – 27 degrees and there were almost no clouds in the sky. Also in the evening you could very well hangout in a short dress. For only a total of 8 days I had on long pants in the evening. In Cape Verde wind is constantly prevalent but what I felt was very pleasant as you could very well hold out in the sun during the day without constantly looking for shady areas. For me, it has the perfect weather!

Relax on the island of Sal

Relaxing in Sal? Where if not here, because the motto of Cape Verde is: No Stress! I could very well be on Sal hanging out, either on the beach, by the pool, or in one of the cozy beach bars. A tip can be found below.

Attractions in Sal

There are many places of sight interest on the island of Sal. The good thing, however, is that one can explore these instances, with a guided tour in just one day. Thus, more time for fun and play.

The main attractions on Sal are:

  • Buracona (The “Blue Eye” (Olho Azul). The hole of a volcanic rock of the water shimmers in a spectacular blue shine. The best time to be at lunchtime.
  • salt pans (The old salt pans at Pedra Lume di are far from the capital Espargos and are among the main attractions of the island)
  • Shark Bay (You can watch lemon sharks. We actually had it on the plan but we were too late because according to a locals, it is the best time here at lunchtime)

Excursions to Sal

Particularly in Santa Maria, there are diverse excursions. Guided island tours, ATV tours, surfing lessons, cruises and glass-bottom boats, Jet Ski or catamaran. It is such that a lot can be offered.

Exploring the Island by Quad?

At least, it was like on the plan. But on the one hand, there were only two quads for half a day and we very quickly discovered that a quad for longer tours can be limited. So if you are for the first time on Sal, and want to explore the island and all the attractions either you need a guided tour with an SUV or you need a quad for a whole day. Personally, I would rather prefer the former. Of course, it’s still worth it to borrow a quad for the routes on and around the beach of Santa Maria.


Cape Verde is the perfect destination for a few days to relax to me in good weather. Beautiful beaches and sea as well as many small great beach bars and restaurants.

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Cape Verde vacation: All information about the Sal Island

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