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5 Tips – Reducing your luggage weight

Reducing your luggage weight is not so difficult as you think! Unnecessary extra pounds in luggage can be quickly saved, if you consider a few simple tips when packing.

1. Check your articles

As a rule, don’t always take too much. So leave behind every article you question packing in your suitcase

2. Lightweight luggage

Whether you’re traveling with suitcase, backpack or with hand luggage only.  Your purchase is based on the weight and not only on the design of your luggage.

3. Avoid unnecessary liquids

Do you really need to have any liquid that you pack? Like the large shampoo, even though you’re just on a 7 days trip? Liquids can quickly take up more than 1 kilogram of luggage. Tip: Buy small sample packs (toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, creams, etc.) from the chemist shop. Alternatively, there are also travel containers for filling, which fit into a zipper bag with hand luggage

4. Color coordinated

What to do yourself? Do not Pack 100 individual outfits! But make sure that each garment fits together with the other. With this simple trick, you save a lot of space and weight in your suitcase

5. Do the washing yourself

GET READY for everyday socks and underwear, even though you are all day in bathing suits on the way Pack so that you can wash out no matter the weather!

Try it out once. You’ll find that with these tips you can complete even longer trips without much baggage.

By the way. That was my luggage for a three weeks trip to Australia. Fits all in a carry-on Backpack.


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5 Tips – Reducing your luggage weight

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